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For other uses, see Armor Sets. An Armor Set is defined as a complete set of armor that includes one matching armor piece for the head, chest, hands and feet. There are several different armor sets available in Skyrim, both in heavy and light variants. Certain armor sets can provide special bonuses if the full set is worn. 1 Heavy Armor sets 2 Light Armor sets 3 Unique Armor sets 4 Perks There

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What does the titanium set bonus do? Close. 2. Posted by 1 month ago. What does the titanium set bonus do? The armor details lays I gain invulnerability after hitting something, but I only get the buff occasionally and it says I dodge the next attack, not that I’m invincible. 5 comments.

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The Titanium Warrior Set is a warrior armor set in Dungeon Quest. It specializes in physical power, wielding a base average of 21,000 physical power per piece. Each armor piece averages 3,100 upgrades that can be used to increase the physical power, spell power, or health on the item. Any upgrades will also increase the sell price of the item. Each piece can be sold for a minimum of 7,500,000

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Titanium armor. I usually never make hallowed armor just because the titanium set bonus is nice. level 1. 1 point · 1 year ago. You choose. View Entire Discussion (4 Comments) More posts from the Terraria community. 16.0k. Posted by 3 days ago. That’s just sad. 16.0k. 272 comments. share. save. hide. report. 15.2k. Posted by 4 days ago

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Bundle of 3 Items: "Titanium Bow, Titanium Armor + bonus

3 ItemsTitanium Bow, Titanium Armor + bonus titanium ring (Archer Bundle) cheap!!! Made by Moritzu. Titanium Bow 99% level 5+ Titanium Armor 92% level 5 + Titanium Ring 5(full synthesis level 4) Grade Unique Score 99 Attack (set) 144 Attack 1116. close. What does this mean?

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Set Stats Set Bonus Crafting Victide Head 5% increase to all damage Chest 5% damage reduction Defense increased while submerged in liquid Legs Movement speed increased by 8% Speed greatly increased while submerged in liquid Defense 2/4/3=9 Defense Increased life regen and damage when submerged in liquid 12 Victide Bar Crafted at Iron/Lead Anvil Aerospec Head 8% increase to all …


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