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a lot of them can be yes, but the want I want, which I have linked to cannot be, it does show in the theme manager, but when you click install it redirects to to download manually. is there no folder like .themes for gnome that KDE would use? – Jayo May 8 12 at 15:18

Top 12 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop

Breeze KDE-Story-Dark Full Icon Themes. 76. ChromeOS GTK Theme GTK3 Themes. 77. ChromeOs-Dark [introducing Rounded variant] GTK3 Themes. 78. PlasmaX icon theme Full Icon Themes. 79. Tela grub theme GRUB Themes. 80. Win10Sur icon theme Full Icon Themes. 81. Breeze

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KDE neon is the intersection of these needs using a stable Ubuntu long-term release as its core, packaging the hottest software fresh from the KDE Community ovens. Compute knowing you have a solid foundation and enjoy the features you experience in the worlds most customisable desktop.

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Most settings for KDE applications are stored in ~/.config/. However, configuring KDE is primarily done through the System Settings application. It can be started from a terminal by executing systemsettings5. Personalization Plasma desktop Themes. Plasma themes define the look of panels and Plasma widgets.

How To Customize Your KDE Plasma Desktops Look and Feel

Vimix KDE Plasma theme. There are people who like dark themes but not so dark. For that kind of person, the Vimix theme is ideal. Vimix is a theme for KDE Plasma based on the materia-kde theme that stands out for its soft tones. It also has several color styles to complement the theme.

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Layan kde is a flat Design theme for KDE Plasma desktop. In this repository youll find: Aurorae Themes; Kvantum Themes; Plasma Color Schemes; Plasma Desktop Themes; Plasma Look-and-Feel Themes

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DeepinV20-dark kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop.In this repository youll find: Aurorae Themes Kvantum Themes Plasma Color Schemes Plasma Desktop Themes Plasma Look-and-Feel SettingsPlasmoids for KDE-----Main launcher: Avalon Menu Clock:

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Sweet Mars KDE Global Themes. 16. BigSur icon theme Full Icon Themes. 17. We10X icon theme Full Icon Themes. 18. McMojave cursors Cursors. 19. Sweet wallpaper Wallpapers KDE Plasma. 20. Oreo Cursors Cursors. 21. Sweet Mars KDE Aurorae Themes. 22. Sweet Mars KDE Plasma

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Install the Theme/Style by either extracting and compiling it, or installing an RPM. Open the KDE-Menu and start the Control Center. Select "Look and Feel". Select "Style" if the package you installed was a style, or select "Theme Manager" if the package you installed was a theme. Select your theme or style.


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