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How to Get 5 Star Bonus Daily - Clash of Clans Update

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Clash of Clans Star Bonus Farming Strategy (Amazing Hack!)

clash of clans star bonus
What is Clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus? It is the new daily mission in game. Everyday, when you win 5 stars from the multiplayer raids, you can earn a decent loot bonus from the daily quest. The higher your league is, the more you can earn. The loot you take from Star Bonus will be …

Clash of Clans Star Bonus: What You Need to Know

clash of clans star bonus
Star Bonus is a daily reward to players once they achieve 5 stars on multiplayer battles. A new Star Bonus is available every 24 hours. If you dont complete it in time, the event will last as long as it takes and the stars have already collected will not be lost.

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Star Bonus. We will have a new feature in game called Star Bonus. You will be able to win a daily loot bonus by earning 5 stars in Multiplayer attacks. IMO winning about 100k loot each everyday will be great! For more details about the Star Bonus, please take a look at here. Treasury

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Imagine if you were going through tough times on clash of clans, you are out of loot but got that one magic item, that turns that normal star bonus

Clash of Clans Star Bonus: What You Need to Know

Clash of Clans Star Bonus Farming. Before we get started, let’s see how the Star Bonus works. There’s a lot of confusion about when the bonus is available. Let’s clear all that up. Remember, this is not your League Bonus. Every 24 hours, you get the Star Bonus reward. For the reward, you need to earn a total of 5 stars to get the bonus.

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The new Clash of Clans Star Bonus is actually extremely simple to understand. It’s basically a daily goal. If a player attacks enough throughout a 24 period to earn 5 stars, they get free Gold,

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" clash of clans ", one of Supercells older games, has created something new called 4x Star Bonus. It started on Tuesday, February 7th, and will be active through Friday, February 10th. This special bonus is helping everyone get "Gold" and "Elixir" faster than ever before.


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